Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bobby Charlton: I lied when I said I think England can win the World Cup again

Bobby Charlton believes England are unlikely to ever win the World Cup again because of the deluge of foreign players in the Premier League.

The Manchester United legend’s goals helped the Three Lions lift the Jules Rimet trophy in 1966 but he admits there has been little or no conviction in his past pronouncements that a second triumph is on the way.

Speaking at the Soccerex Business Forum in Manchester, the 75-year-old said: ‘When one of the newspapers asks my opinion on whether there is a chance to win the World Cup, I feel obliged to say “yes” but it’s a fool’s errand.

‘We need good players and if all of the spaces in the English game are taken up by foreigners we don’t have a chance.

‘I’m not saying that it is not fair but it is hard to think we can win a World Cup when you see the quality now.

‘The only thing that gives me a bit of hope is that I do see good coaching and I do see English coaches having as much to say in world terms as anyone else.’

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