Friday, April 12, 2013

Crawley Town to spend £35,000 on match-day food revamp for fans

While the majority of football clubs will spend the summer planning transfer budgets, it seems League One outfit Crawley Town have more pressing matters on their close-season menu.

Punters at the Broadfield Stadium are royally cheesed off with the grub - mainly stale burger buns - served up on match-days. And, after being given plenty of food for thought, the club are revamping the menu.

Fans will be relishing the news and the club hope it will be a bunfight when the new £35,000 facilities are unveiled next summer.

Crawley’s chief executive Richard Low appears to have listened to the fans - who clearly want a better standard of food when watching their beloved Reds, managed by Richie Barker.

‘We’re changing the food,’ Low said. ‘We recently did a survey of the fans and pretty much everyone said they didn’t like the food. We are going to replace the equipment at a cost of about £35,000 so that people get better cooked food.

‘I’m not sure whether the food price will change but I don’t think so. It isn’t really about profit. Food is really important to the fans, they’ve told us that.’

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