Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fans attack players in the showers after they lose cup match

Fans of Argentine side Huracan took things a step further when they broke into the dressing room and attacked and then robbed players following their defeat to Godoy Cruz.

The incident came after the Copa Argentina clash which was decided on penalties, with first division side Godoy pulling off a notable win by proving spot on from 12 yards.

While there, they ambushed players who were in the showers, attacking them and threatening further violence before stealing their possessions and making off.

The news was confirmed by coach Josa Maria Llop, who was left stunned by the goings on.

‘We were in the showers after Thursday’s training session when the disguised fans stormed the rooms and threatened the players.’

Fans are also alleged to have smashed up several cars belonging to players, before making their escape on a bus.

Police are believed to be investigating.

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