Friday, April 19, 2013

German gay player mulls coming out

German soccer is abuzz after a professional player in the country’s top-flight league, the Bundesliga, gave an interview earlier this week in which he recounted his life as a homosexual.

The player, who conducted the interview on the condition that he would not be identified, painted a mixed picture of the state of gay players at the top level of Germany’s dominant sport.

He said he felt compelled to "put on an act and deny his true self" to square his public image with the expectations of fans, who seek a "stereotype of masculinity."

He also said the news media circus all but certain to ensue in the first few weeks after the first coming out of an active player was a major deterrent to going public.

At the same time, the player said his sexuality was an open secret among his fellow professionals, and that "none of them had a problem" with it.

He even said teammates asked him about his love life, and every so often, its "technical" details.

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