Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wigan Fail To Sell 10,000 Of Their 31,000 Allocated Tickets For FA Cup Semi Final At Wembley

Given that their average Premier League attendance has bobbed around the 17-18,000 mark for the last few years it’s prehaps not altogether surprising, but the FA have announced that Wigan Athletic have so far failed to sell around 10,000 of their 31,000 allocated tickets for Saturday’s FA Cup semi-final against Millwall at Wembley.

With that in mind, the FA have taken the unprecedented step of opening up a zone for 6,000 neutral fans where the Wigan fans should’ve been sat, as well as making a further 1,500 seats available for members of the armed forces.

Millwall, for the record, are expecting to sell their entire batch but, as is, there are still currently expected to be around about 14,000 empty seats come kick-off at Wembley on Saturday.

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