Tuesday, October 22, 2013

FC Twente boss has tooth knocked out by assistant

Michel Jansen, manager of Dutch side Twente Enschede, needed an unexpected trip to the dentist after one of his assistants knocked his tooth out on Saturday.

The pair were both on the bench for Twente’s encounter with champions Ajax at the weekend when the incident happened.

All had been going well until Luc Castaignos opened the scoring for the hosts.

Excited to see the ball hit the back of the net Jensen’s assistant, Youri Mulder, jumped from his seat while performing a manic fist pump and duly landed a stinging uppercut right in the chops of his boss.

‘Youri celebrated rather too excitedly,’ Jansen said before rushing off get his missing molar replaced.

The day, sadly, didn’t get any better for Jansen who saw his side miss out on all three points when Ajax bagged a late equaliser.

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