Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Biking to games

57-year-old Cambridge United fan Peter Woor is a keen cyclist as well as football aficionado and likes to combine his two passions by cycling to his team's games - both home and away.

This means that Woor has travelled over to fifty-six different grounds in support of his team.

'I do 10,000 miles a year and compete every year in a cycling event in Italy,' Woor says of his unusual habit.

'It's amazing how far you can get on a bike.'

Indeed, his latest trip took him 168 miles on a 12 hour ride to Altrincham. However, rather than being able to enjoy his side's 3-0 triumph over the Cheshire side in the relative comfort of the ground, Woor found himself arriving late and locked out.

'It's a sorry tale,' he said. 'I was really upset because of the 3-0 win I missed. It was very windy and slow going. I got lost in Leicester on the one-way system and didn't reckon on how hilly it was going to be.'

'I started out at 7.45am and got there at 8.20pm, going on half time,' Woor continued.

'No-one was around. They usually open up the gates at half-time but they must keep them banged up in there - it's a rum place. It was deserted outside so I started shouting over the walls. No-one heard me or they thought I was a mad Altrincham fan, so I went to a pub across the road. The locals were amazed by my tale and bought me a pint.'

Woor eventually got into the ground twenty minutes from full-time, but, if an Altrincham spokeswoman is to be believed, he could have got in a whole lot earlier.

'We have a late gate which closes approximately 20 minutes into the game and we open the exit gates 20 minutes before the game ends. We do have a bell on the main gate and someone who watches the game and keeps an eye on the gate. He should have got in.'

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