Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine's Day football survey

A national survey of football supporters shows that men would put football before love on Valentine's Day :

- 76% would rather lose their girlfriend than their club

- 85% of men would choose to watch their club over a Valentine's date

- 78% would rather score for their club in the cup final than score with their dream woman

- 44% admitted they would knowingly buy their girlfriend counterfeit goods as a present, but 82% would never buy a fake replica football kit for themselves

- Men will spend on average £80.85 watching their team away, but only £51.85 on a date

- 42% would find it more hurtful to watch their club get beaten by their arch rivals in the FA Cup Final than to find out their girlfriend has cheated on them with their best friend

- 42% would never go out with a girl who supports their arch rivals

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