Saturday, January 18, 2014

Barcelona plan to create mausoleum

Barcelona have created a mausoleum so fans who wish "to be bound forever to FCB" can pay to have their earthly remains stored for eternity (or the first 99 years of eternity, at least) by their beloved club.

Initially there will be space prepared for 500 urns at the cemetery of Les Corts in the city of Barcelona, though the long-term plan is to incorporate a large, specially-designated mausoleum with space for 30,000 urns and commemorative ceramic plaques underneath the Camp Nou once it is modernised or into the design of a new stadium should Barca eventually decide to pursue that option instead.

Barcelona’s director of facilities, Josep Ramon Vidal-Abarca said: "This is in response to the historical demand from members who want their remains laid to rest at the stadium."

According to the ‘Memorial Space FC Barcelona’ project, prices range from €3,000 (approx. £2,480) all the way up to €6,000 (approx. £4,960) to buy a space for between 50 and 99 years.

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