Thursday, January 16, 2014

Every player has a song on Man Utd’s democratic pre-match playlist

Each member of Manchester United’s squad has a favourite song on the team’s pre-match music playlist, striker Robin Van Persie has revealed.

The pre-game tunes were compiled by Patrice Evra, who asked each of United’s 25-man squad to nominate a favourite track.

Speaking at the Pepsi 2014 football campaign launch, Van Persie said: "Patrice Evra asked a group of more than 25 players what everyone’s favourite songs were, so now all those songs are in a playlist for before the game.

"He puts it on and every so often your favourite song comes on. I think it’s a great because sometimes you have Brazilian music, then Daft Punk, Get Lucky ... all kinds of songs."

Van Persie says he needs something with a good beat to get him ready for games.

He said: "I don’t have one particular song that I have to listen to before the game, just whatever comes on but I don’t like music that is too slow.

"I prefer a good beat so I can get pumped up for a game."

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