Friday, March 14, 2014

Pardew will seek help to cure anger problems

Alan Pardew last night confirmed he will seek professional help in a bid to cure the anger issues which came close to losing the Newcastle United manager his job.

The 52-year-old is to have counselling and has spoken to people in the corporate world who are experts in dealing with stress and pressure.

Pardew was speaking publicly for the first time since the incident at Hull with David Meyler, which has cost him £160,000 in total fines, a three-game stadium fan and four games from the touchline.

He did his best to get over the point he fully appreciated the seriousness of his behaviour and insisted he would do everything in his power to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Pardew said: "I’ve spoken to a few CEOs who have management counselling, in terms of how to do their job better.

"I think that is an avenue that might work for me.

"I have spoken to Richard Bevan (chairman of the League Manager’s Association) who has been a great help in terms of finding someone who is going to work for me and just bounce ideas off.

"Not necessarily just about the touchline and the pressures of the job I’m under, just normal managerial decisions that I make.

"The big question for me when this incident happened is ‘how am I going to be a better manager out of it?’

"I don’t want to be a worse manager, I don’t want to lose that drive and passion I have, but I am going to have tochannel it a little bit better. I don’t think the consultants would be from football.

"I think it will be someone different, maybe someone from outside the game who has a different perspective, somebody from a business background.

"In the city, if you were a top CEO, you would have one, the company would make sure you had one.

"I’m as probably as important as them with the position I am in. That is something I am hoping is a positive for me."

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