Monday, April 14, 2014

Italian game to be replayed after referee sends off wrong twin

An Italian amateur game is to replayed in its entirety after the referee in charge accidentally sent the wrong player off.

Michele Rossi, who plays for ninth-tier side SSD Castello, was shown the red card following an on-pitch melee during a recent game against GS Alviano, despite the fact that it was his identical twin brother, Matteo, who committed the original offence.

Striker Matteo, having just put Castello 2-1 up, committed a foul that sparked a squabble between the two teams.

However, amid the ensuing chaos, the referee -- thinking he'd committed the guilty party's face to memory -- marched over to Michele and brandished his red card.

Marco Brusco, sporting judge of the Umbria regional league in central Italy, explained the error in a statement issued on behalf of his organisation, also announcing that the original game (which finished 2-2) is to be chalked off and played again in full.

"The referee, purely due to error, in the 27th minute of the second half, sent off Castello's number seven Michele Rossi instead of their number nine Matteo Rossi," said Brusco.

"It was an error that had an undoubted impact on the game and as such the match should be replayed."

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